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    Benefits of studying SkillsFuture-funded courses

    Posted by TUM Asia EXD on 5 May 2020

    SkillsFuture is a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to realise their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points, by giving Singaporeans valuable opportunities to develop their skills and cultivate new interests throughout adulthood. Through this movement, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore’s next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society.

    Continuous education and training remain core to our society and economy today and for the future. With an increasingly fast pace of technological advancements and stronger global competition for jobs, skills upgrading and re-skilling are essential for Singaporeans to maintain a competitive edge. Furthermore, as our economy restructures and companies find ways to innovate and enhance productivity, the demand for higher-skilled workers will also increase. Considering these realities, the workplace must be a major site of learning, where every Singaporean is able to continue to develop themselves throughout their careers and life.

    SkillsFuture encapsulates the Singapore spirit of excellence: moving individuals towards an advanced economy and society, where they continue to strive and attain expertise and aptitude, motivated not just by current demands of their job but by a relentless desire to develop core areas of strength and interest. It also embodies the spirit of lifelong learning, respect for skills in every job, and celebrating the skills and growth of every individual, no matter their background, age or qualifications. Furthermore, investments through continuing education and training also contribute to Singapore’s progress, while helping Singaporeans improve and maximise their potential.

    Studying SkillsFuture-funded courses allows citizens to nurture skills relevant to the future, and build a bright future based on improved mastery of skills in their selected fields of study. By further enabling a highly-skilled and competitive workforce, investing in oneself through SkillsFuture-funded courses allows Singaporeans to secure better jobs, higher incomes and enjoy higher standards of living.

    SkillsFuture credits are periodically credited into the accounts of eligible Singapore citizens. These credits, which may or may not have an expiry date, can be used to offset the course fees of eligible SkillsFuture-funded courses, allowing citizens to upskill themselves at an affordable cost. Furthermore, attractive government subsidies may also be applicable on top of the course fee offset amount from SkillsFuture credits. Adults can choose from a wide selection of short, industry-relevant courses to upgrade their skills and enhance their employability.

    Interested to find out more? Contact us (exd@tum-asia.edu.sg or 6777 7407) or visit our website to discover and explore the various SkillsFuture-funded courses that TUM Asia has on offer!


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