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    Gearing towards a Smart Nation with Industry 4.0

    Posted by TUM Asia EXD on 11 Sep 2020

    The fourth industrial revolution, or more commonly known as Industry 4.0 has been a strong driving force for the manufacturing world. Industry 4.0 optimises manufacturing processes through digitalisation and automation of its systems to enhance its efficiency and long-term competitiveness globally.

    Singapore, one of Asia’s most competitive economies is a prime example of the Industry 4.0 model. Accounting for one fifth of Singapore’s GDP, its manufacturing base sits at a very critical time in its advancement due to competition from surrounding countries and global trends.

    In order to move the country towards quicker adoption of the Industry 4.0 model, the Singapore government has allocated significant resources such as time and money into Research and Development (R&D) projects to develop industry transformation maps and to strengthen the workforce’s skill sets.

    Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing

    Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia, Germany's #1 University based in Singapore, provides a suite of Executive Education courses in areas such as Industry 4.0 and Precision Engineering.

    In particular, TUM Asia’s Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing (ADM) course is set out to equip participants with the relevant Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills for today’s workforce. The ADM course embraces students with highly practical based modules where students will be able to learn and apply the practical part of technologies in the manufacturing process.

    Participants from the programme will also receive expert mentorship on how to engineer their smart factory blueprints based on the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).

    Moving towards a SMART Nation

    As part of the coordinated strategy of Industry 4.0, we have interviewed TUM Asia’s alumni of 2018, Danny Ker, Vice President of PSB to share more about how the ADM course has benefited his career and Singapore’s move towards a SMART Nation.

    Question: What triggered you to start looking for a programme like TUM Asia?

    Answer: Technical University of Munich (TUM) has my trust as it is amongst the famous and best universities in Europe and perhaps in the world. Its high ranking global university ranking status was something that attracted me. Secondly, Germany is known globally as a country of “German Technical Engineering”, and that is related with quality, excellence and technical achievement towards market trends. Furthermore, the Industry 4.0 initiative was emerged from Germany. It was also reported in the press that Germany’s government strategies and investments resulted in the formation of industry interest groups to embrace and drive Industry 4.0 industrial revolution to the world.

    Question: What has been the greatest benefit you have received from the programme since graduation?

    Answer: Some of the benefits I received from TUM Asia are:

    • Fully understood the application and implementation of Industry 4.0 program in industries that can be coupled with my experience background and academic study on excellence business management.
    • Gained knowledge on how to support industries or SMEs on how to move towards digitalisation and improve their productivity and efficiency.
    • Gained ability to support our Digitisation Department to improve their business planning and activities.

    Question: As Singapore continues to adopt future technologies in Industry 4.0, what are some exciting things that the industry can expect in the near future?

    Answer: (a) Machine Learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through analysing and interpreting patterns and structures in big data to enable reason learning, and decision-making related to human interaction. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that can help people and businesses achieve key goals, obtain insights to call for actions, drive critical decision-making, and create new and innovative products and services to its customers. Both ML and AI are complementing the Industry 4.0 revolution and initiatives.

    (b) Knowledge Management - It is now one of a company's most important assets and also a subset complement to support artificial intelligence as it is a systematic approach in capturing important data and big data analytics. It also makes use of such data mining with collective business' expertise to create value in business planning strategies to improve products and services, improve profitability, increase operational efficiency and staff productivity, and also raise the benchmark against competitors.

    Digitally Transforming with Industry 4.0

    Similarly, many alumni who undertook the EXD ADM course have shared how TUM Asia has masterfully benefited their lives. From industrial-relevant coursework to internships and fostering friendships, TUM Asia has been nothing short of fulfilling for these students. Many of the alumni also use this course as an opportunity for knowledge transformation as they transfer their skills and learnings from TUM Asia’s EXD programme back to their companies.

    By joining TUM Asia EXD Programme, participants will be exposed to technologies such as RFID, Augmented Reality, Machine to Machine Communications and Manufacturing Execution Systems. Furthermore, they will be taught how to apply these technologies which includes hands-on exercises to increase their production efficiencies.

    The ADM course also offers knowledge and skills on a micro level on how to help companies to advance in their manufacturing technology. Not only does this course provides a good perspective on what Industry 4.0 is, it also designed to have both theoretical and practical application for participants to adopt the Industry 4.0 knowledge.


    Singapore’s ongoing Industry 4.0 initiatives, along with its experimental customer base and dedicated workforce, can be the perfect catalyst to transform the city-state into Asia’s future manufacturing powerhouse. Navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution with TUM Asia’s Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing. Currently, Skillsfuture Singapore is offering up to 90% funding so speak to our course consultant today to learn more: exd@tum-asia.edu.sg or call 6777 7407



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