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    Summary of Executive Education courses at TUM Asia

    Posted by TUM Asia EXD on 2 Jun 2020

    The Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia offers exciting Executive Education courses to develop you to your fullest potential so that you can excel in your professional capacity at your workplace! Read on to find out more! 


    Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing 

    Under the skilled and careful guidance of German industry experts who are key drivers of Industry 4.0, the Specialist Diploma in ADM equips participants with relevant Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills as well as practical experience with Industry 4.0 training equipment, so as to prepare them to meet the demands of complex job roles, and tackle new and multi-faceted technological challenges in the flourishing Advanced Manufacturing Industry. Participants will also receive expert mentorship to create and implement a digital transformation blueprint for their business to improve productivity and streamline their operations. 

    LEARN Programme – Engineer Your Smart Factory Blueprint 

    Developed by TUM Asia and in partnership with TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific – COE Digital Service, the unique LEARN Programme adopts a 3-stage model of change to help companies engineer and implement their smart factory transformation blueprint based on the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and the Prioritisation Matrix (PM). It aims to help companies transition from awareness to appreciation and eventual adoption of a holistic transformation strategy, which fully harnesses Industry 4.0 concepts, so as to achieve enhanced operational efficiency. This programme incorporates peer mentoring by industry experts as well as a follow-up consultancy and 12-month project mentorship phase to help companies implement their smart factory blueprint. 

    Cyber-Physical Factory (WSG Workshop) – Manufacturing Execution System & Digital Process Simulation 

    Supported by Workforce Singapore, this workshop gives an overview of the Cyber-Physical System (CP-System) integrated with Industry 4.0 features, namely: decentralised intelligence, high connectivity, flexibility and modularity. In this module, participants can expect a full demonstration of the concepts and characteristics of the CP-System, topics relating to ethernet-based networks and machine-to-machine communication, production control with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for order management, production planning, and resource management, systems modelling, as well as controller design and analysis. They will work with digital simulation software and learn about cloud applications and augmented reality. 

    Modular Certificate and Professional Certificate courses 

    Are you highly interested in the Specialist Diploma programme or modules in our Master of Science in Rail, Transport and Logistics programme, but do not have time to attend the entire programme? Fret not! TUM Asia also offers specific selected courses within each programme, so that you can be equipped in areas of specialisation of your choice!  


    Are you interested in any of the above courses? If you are, TUM Asia conducts monthly information sessions (online webinars), and you can find out more about the next session here: www.tum-asia.edu.sg/exdis2020  

    During the session, we will share more about each programme and answer your queries. 

    See you at the session!