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    What is Food Toxicology all about?

    Posted by TUM Asia EXD on 29 Jun 2020

    Food Toxicology is the discipline dealing with natural or synthetic compounds that contaminate foods and then impose a risk to the consumer.  

    Having competence in Food Toxicology allows you to identify the hazard coming from a chemical and to make reasonable assumptions about its origin. An important result is an accurate risk assessment to recognize whether measures are necessary for risk mitigation and which means are likely to be most effective.  


    Food Toxicology provides the tools for risk assessment and risk management and is inevitable for efficient risk communication 

    Understanding and ensuring food safety is essential for professionals active in food science, food business and food control. In particular, the success of food business operators is dependant on being pro-active for food safety. For this task, knowledge in food toxicology and risk assessment is essential.  


    However, one might ask, how can I stay relevant in the food science and nutrition industry? 


    Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia offers a two-part Masterclass series in Fundamentals of Toxicology and Risk Assessment and Food Safety Management that intends to provide insights into the principles of toxicology and second to present specific contaminants and residues in foods (mycotoxins, process contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals) as well as emerging contaminants for risk assessment and ensuring food safety.  



    Learn more about Masterclass I – Fundamentals of Food Toxicology and Risk Assessment ( 13 – 14 September 2021) >>> 


    Learn more about Masterclass II - Food Safety Management (15 – 16 September 2021) >>>